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June 19, 2009, 1:16 am
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Right this is an update from the gangstar city that is newcastle. Ive been staying at Jonny’s house with Ryan and Angus and we’ve had a whale of a time!

Train at Exi

We drove up on wednesday night and stopped at a service station where me and Angus analysed a spoon from burger king. Anyway back on the journey we arrived in the toon after several swerves on the motorway and a diversion to the otherside of Newcastle. Anyway we rode exhibition skatepark for a bit as we couldn’t find Jonny’s house. Jonny and Tom kindly came and met us at the park and we sessioned till late. We subsequently were so hyped on BMX that we watched BMX movies till late while chilling with a few beers. Oh yeah we hid from Tom for a bit as well.

Right Day 2 on the toon.

Jonny woke us up at the crack of dawn with some horrible air freshener that gassed us all out and sent us back to sleep. We tried to ride the wasteland after a QUICK sticker session. Anyway it rained so we headed back to the house for some red bull and a subsequent red bull come down courtesy of Tom Kirkby!

Tom Kirkby's beautiful ass

Tom Kirkby in Action

After a discussion of possibly going to 5 bridges the weather decided to get its act together so we actually got a good session at the wasteland. A video edit is to come from the first 5 minutes as my battery died. We hit up Subway and then all felt like shit so headed to exi again! We rode there for a few hours or attempted to as we were all dead. Therefore we headed back to Jonny’s for some food and a props road fools 7 session. We played multiple games including guess the trick and check the weather and eventually headed out again to ride the wasteland but it was swarmed by skaters so Jonny, Ryan, Angus, Dino, Dino’s mate and myself went street riding to some school but ended back up at the wasteland! The wasteland filtered out after a while and we had a dialed session which lead to Dino quitting BMX.

The crue at the wasteland

We then proceeded to continue drinking, partying and seriously abusing facebook. The Chode came round after a mega drive from Newcastle to Nottingham including stops in York and Leeds. He proceeded to take advantage of Angus by using Angus’s camera to take photos of his 1 in 3 Lavar hat with Angus’s awesome 50mm f1.4 lense. Ratty as FUCK. Anyway we are now listening to MGMT and chilling. Night Night!

All photos deserve the credit of Angus Mcpherson and more photos can be seen on his website, tricklist, which is in the links section.



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you owe me a fiver for that stem. new frame?or just a clean and a spray?

Comment by scotttedder

All photos Angus? He is in one, ha ha!

Comment by Jonny

Haha sorry Jonny I neglected to mention your skillz! I shall change it! Gus was getting a bit agro though about me stealing his photos so I had to give him some credit!

Comment by waudby

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