Ben Nevis
July 2, 2009, 3:50 pm
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Well last week me and a few friends went to Ben Nevis to try and get to the top! Sorry but I have pinched all the photos from either James, Kara or Hannah as I haven’t got my film pictures developed yet.We set off pretty early on Sunday morning with malfunctioning sat-navs and without the booking information which led to one car heading off even earlier. We shot up to Scotch corner in no time at all and it wasn’t long before we were in Scotland. We stopped at Loch Lomond for lunch and a break which was sweeeet. There was an absolutely daft dog at the cafe which instead of chasing sticks chased thin air. We then drove the short way to Ben Nevis across Rannoch Moor which I was informed is one of the largest areas of wilderness left in the Uk.

Driving across Rannoch Moor

We camped at the base of Ben Nevis at a place called Glen Nevis which was only 5 minutes away from Fort William. We went for a walk to find a mysterious lagoon that Daz had seen when he stayed here before. We soon deduced that Darrel may have been under the influence of something when he had previously found so we left him with a camera to get photographic evidence off this lagoon while we headed back to the campsite for food. We then hung out at the campsite until everyone headed off to bed. Apparently people were making bird sounds and got shouted at for this. In reality it was real birds that were disturbing peoples sleep.

We were up early the next morning ready to climb the beast. The low clouds couldn’t dampen our spirits and we headed off for the mountain after a quick stop at the campsite shop for some advice. I everyone was a little bit taken aback by how steep the first stages of the climb were and we were all drenched in sweat within minutes. Chris Gartland was sporting the long hair sweat look with only the longest parts of his hair being sweaty with the rest bone dry and myself literally steaming from my back. We reached the infamous fork where the group split into 2. One group for the medium route and the other group for the stupendously, impossibly, unpredictably hard crawl route. By this point several peoples feet were hurting, maybe work boots aren’t a good idea to climb mountains??

I went with the medium route as this was the first mountain I had ever climbed and i defiantly think we had the better deal as although it got steeper and rougher, we didn’t have to go on our hands and knees on ridges with vertical drops on either side. We got to the top and unfortunately you couldn’t see further than 30 feet in front of you which was a bit of a disappointment but we got to see snow!

The snow field near the top!We rang the other group and they were still a long way off the top so we started descending towards the bottom after a swap of boots and the tapping up off feet. We left a goody bag of drinks and food for the other group on the way down as they had completely run out off supplies. Hannah and James dashed off to buy some food before the supermarket closed leaving the remaining four of us for a leisurely walk to the bottom. Well by leisurely i mean a few stumbles and falls and quite a few breaks. We got back to the campsite in time to talk to Hannah and james as they drove off to Morrisons. Then followed the single best shower of my life as I felt pretty rough. We then waited for the other group to get to the bottom where james and myself ferried the tired climbers to the campsite in our automobiles. They had had a pretty rough time as they had ascended another mountain and then traversed a ridge to get to the summit of Ben Nevis. All without there being a well trodden path. Their stories carried on late into the night accompanied by alcohol and Kara’s naivety to the “thats what she said” joke. The next day it was time to pack up and leave. Not before a swim in the mysterious lagoon which turned out to be so much better than expected. It was the perfect way to end our trip to the Scottish Highlands with many people having a well earned snooze on the drive home.

Paddling in the Lagoon


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