Fit Premiere
November 15, 2009, 1:37 pm
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Yesterday I got a call out off the blue from Dave wondering if I wanted to go to the Fit premiere and that was that we were going.











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The video ended up being really good with Brian Fosters section being amazing considering he’s nearly as old as Angus. But let me get straight to the point of why anyone would see this video, VAN HOMAN. Shit you knew he’d have a wild section but my god it was absolutely loony. I’m not gonna spoil anything but this section will just absolutely blow your mind and it is very true, Van Homan will save us. Apart from that the video was pretty stock with Dakota Roche’s section being technically amazing but like watching a computer game so nothing really clicked. Of notable mention is Jackson Ratima who splits a section with Eddie Cleveland and does some really tech street grinds including a predator smith on a round rail. I missed Inmans section due to some guy taking forever at the bar. Also how could I forget the Olde English section, WHY WAS THIS IN THE BONUS! All I can say is Owain Clegg and the canal gap! Apart from that it was a real good night with everyone getting pretty lamp-posted and having a laugh. Cheers to the Ls6 guys for hosting it. Oh yeh never try to get a train back to York at 2 in the morning as you end up waiting for an hour and a half for a coach that is too full, so you get put in a taxi, then find out its the wrong one so you finally get back to lovely York at five in the morning. Not best pleased to be honest.




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